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Find out why McGary & Associates, Realtors® is the preferred choice.

"The training and technology at McGary & Associates is second to none."

The McGary & Associates business model ensures long lasting real estate careers.  In fact, 1/3 of their agents have been with them 10 years or more.

McGary & Associates provides multiple income stream opportunities to start and sustain successful real estate careers.
Their technology, leads, and experienced support get agents up and running FAST.

McGary & Associates has helped agents achieve success continuously since 1987. Few other real estate firms in the Greater Charlotte Metro area can boast that.

"After 16 years with McGary & Associates, I left for 'a better opportunity.'  But after just 6 months at a much larger firm, I quit and came back. There is no better place to work than McGary."

Fast Start.  Great Leads.  Multiple Income Streams.

Fast Start

Multiple Income Streams

Great Leads

The training,  leads, technology, and experienced support at McGary & Associates, gets both newly licensed and experienced agents off to a fast start.  Early success is the best path to a rewarding career in residential real estate sales.  McGary & Associates has been ensuring that success for over 30 years.

Agents who choose to receive Company leads get the contact info immediately of people who asked to speak to an agent, and who have been pre-screened for above average income and for creditworthiness.  As a result, the conversion rate and sales prices from these leads are well above average, and so are agents' commission checks.

McGary & Associates has 3 different commission plans from which to choose, each designed to fit agents' evolving skills and needs. Agents can also earn attractive commission overrides on other agents' sales. With listings, sales, and override commissions, McGary agents earn money from multiple income streams. 



Experienced Support

The combination of online training and office training is designed to get both new agents up and experienced agents up and running quickly.  Optional weekly training is designed to help agents solve problems and keep up to date on the latest trends, new subdivisions, and financing. This is how McGary & Associates, Realtors® have kept selling in all market conditions, thick and thin, for more than three decades.

McGary agents are provided with their own lead capture websites, perpetual follow-up systems, Craigslist posting tools, social media integration, and more, all tied together to IDX with an easy to use CRM system that can be accessed from an agent's computer or phone.   

With over 30 years experience, McGary & Associates, Realtors® have become the leading experts in real estate financing and new home sales.   They are also known for their proprietary technology, creative marketing, and mortgage sources that get deals done.  Putting this experience to work, McGary & Associates agents catapult their careers to the next level and beyond.  

Do you have what it takes to become a McGary & Associates agent?

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